Strategies and Policies: Set Guidelines

To be completed in the Team Charter

Once you define purpose, select people and establish decision rights, it’s important to create guidelines that help you move towards this goal.

As a team, we want to develop strategy statements to guide the direction of our work. These statements will read as, “[blank] even over [blank]” where both characteristics are positive attributes. For example, "Progress even over perfection." We want to create a perfect presentation, but we prioritize getting to the goal, even if the presentaiton isn't fully polished.

For step-by-step instructions, see Strategy Meeting.

Policies should guide the way we complete the work. Policies prevent bad behaviors and reinforce good ones. Use your understanding of Responsive ways of working and apply it to your team’s context.

Examples include:

  • “All decks are 5 pages or less”
  • “No update meetings”
  • “All project documents must be made internally public”
  • “Individual workload must be prioritized and made public”