Before We Begin

The practices covered on this site require us to work with more autonomy that we’re used to. As a member of the marketing team, we are going to face uncertainty and at times we will need to make difficult decisions for our teams. For some, this may mean not getting invited to every meeting. For others, this may mean giving up some control to the team. This may seem difficult or scary at first.

For this to work, we must trust that every team member has the best intentions for PepsiCo.

Trust your teammates, trust the process - this is the only way we’ll succeed. By working in increments, in public, and maintaining a high level of communication with each other, becoming autonomous is safer and easier. Remember, autonomy doesn’t mean working alone. It means using the skills and know-how in our teams to get the work done in the best way possible. It means ownership and accountability. Senior approvals don’t disappear, but they becomes fewer and clearer.