Ways of Working Wiki

How to Use This Document

Welcome to the Ways of Working Wiki! As the name suggests, this is a wikipedia for new ways of working: a self-service resource for understanding how changes in the way we work apply to you.

There are tons of great resources embedded into this document. Feel free to click on the blue words throughout the wiki - they will direct you to other parts of the wiki, google docs that will make your life easier, and links to articles that provide more context behind the theory.

This topic has the potential to be dry, so we’ve tried to make it as fun and humorous as possible. Transforming the way we work is serious stuff; how we learn to do it doesn’t have to be.

Because we want to ‘walk the talk’, we don’t consider this site to be a finished product. We’ll be practicing rapid experimentation and continuous iteration, releasing regular updates and evolving this site over time. So check back regularly to see what’s new!

And help make it better by posting your comments and questions here!

This site is truly a product of our collective wisdom. Many thanks go especially to the Ways of Working Coaches, Eric Whitehouse, Leslie Nagy, and the CMOC for their collaboration.