Marketing for the 21st Century

As many successful companies shift the way that they work, we also recognize the need to dramatically evolve the way we operate. We need to become an organization which is collaborative, agile and dynamically responsive to challenges posed by our world; one that is not separated into silos, and continuously improves our products and services. We want to become an organization with empowered teams which attract the best talent, are open, connected and can leverage the increasing pace of change to our advantage.

Everyone from Indra to the Global Marketing Leadership Council are calling for us to work together differently. We have created a marketing vision to drive us toward this new way of working. Our purpose is clear:

“Become a community of trailblazers that curate the world’s most loved brands and drive the economic engine.”

To achieve this purpose, we created a Culture Blueprint with a new set of adopted behaviors.

Getting to these behaviors will take time - and change is difficult, but we have practices that we will adopt to get there:

  • Empower Teams
  • Consent Over consensus
  • Organize in SLAM teams
  • Increase Autonomy
  • Dynamically Steer
  • Work in Public

The most important piece of this new jigsaw is you. Our culture is rooted in the principles we believe in and guided by our behaviors. It’s time for you to shape this culture for our future.