Teams have the spectrum of skills required to do their work.

We are limiting the number of people in the room and allowing teams to work with limited oversight. Accordingly, we need to ensure the team has people across all relevant domains to account for their expertise and vested interest.

Having the right people in the room is a critical part of reducing the external dependencies that slow us down and prevent us from working in sync. When teams are cross-functional, we have the perspective needed to make smart, fast decisions. If giving a team full control over a decision is too risky, we must figure out who would need to be a core part of the team to make it safe for the team to have autonomy.

Knowledge and learnings spread faster in multidisciplinary teams because one person holds the expertise in a given domain and that person can share the conceptual knowledge to the rest of the group. Breaking down siloes means that ideas don’t get stuck in one function or team.